The interactive LED Tittle Light is multifunctional as a lamp, clock, has 3D animation, amongst other options. See Blogroll for a link.

Tittle Light allows users to operate it as a lamp, clock, timer, for mood lighting, animations, music visualizion with a microphone & it is Wi Fi enabled. With their mobile phone app & web-based platform, a user can create their own personalized frames or animations and display on any Tittle lamp. 16MB of flash memory is available to save user’s creations. The light contains 512 high quality LED lights viewable at any 180-degree angle with no blind spot and is housed with a base made from high-grade aluminum that will be available in black, silver or copper to fit any décor. The case is completed with a smoky glass housing to best filter the lights. /




Tittle Light Introduction Video from Spin-R on Vimeo.

Available to purchase, the Tittle Light founders are crowd-funding through Indiegogo to further develop the light:

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