Linda Florence, UK: Her wallpapers, book jacket design & art installations – including her sugar-powdered, dance floor, miniature ballroom & leafy skylight for the benefit of hospital patients. See Blogroll for a link.

Most of the text here has been taken from Linda Florence’s website. /

Blue Tree:  installed in the new Redwoods Centre at Shelton Hospital in Shrewsbury in collaboration with Robin Crowley who sculpted the trees. /

Meta Table: ‘A 20 metre drawing transformed the public space of the Millennium Galleries: depicting a set of cutlery creations inspired by Museum Sheffield metalwork collection. The lift of the Millennium Gallery also had the cutlery design in vinyl around the glass sides along with scratch card silver wallpaper depicting outlines of Sheffield metal hallmarks.  Visitors were invited to scratch their own initials into the hallmarks creating marks of their own.’ /

Sugar Dance V&A from linda florence on Vimeo.

Sugar Dance Out Of The Ordinary: Spectacular Craft, V&A.  ‘The aim was to liberate the flooring from this weight, and give it a different life.The original inspiration for the work on ‘sugar floors’ came from traditional tea dances; the use of icing sugar is intended to recall these dances as the scent of the sugar permeates the air when disturbed. Florence studied ‘tracking’ in the commercial and industrial flooring sectors where patterns are designed in order to mask everyday wear and tear. In this work the tracking is emphasised by the marks made by feet as they move over the floors, focusing attention on a surface that is often ignored.’ /

‘Random House commissioned 5 book covers, four for their VINTAGE Gaskell series and one for the new novel Strange Music.’ /

Morphic Damask Wallpaper, The Opal Lounge, Edinburgh. Bespoke hand silk screen printed wallpaper for the Opal Lounge in Edinburgh. /

Cactus Landscape Wallpaper, Arizona, USA. ‘360° panoramic view landscape wallpaper mixing hand screen printing and digitally printed wallpaper.  Giant gold thorny patterns spread across a British landscape which covers all the walls of the Ted Baker a store in Arizona, USA.’ /

Wallpaper Window Installation, Canary Wharf, London Bespoke hand silk screen printed wallpaper. /

Scratch card wallpaper and sugar dance performance for Departure – New Explorations In Print Exhibition at London Printworks Trust and The National Centre for Craft & Design. /

The Deptford Ballroom: ‘Hidden in a small corner of South London is an intimate ballroom of splendid opulence where couples dance surrounded by ornate gold wallpapers under a ceiling filled with paper lampshades dripping with tassels and trimmings. Commissioned by the Deptford Project for London Design Festival.’ /

Hand cut screen printed wallpaper encrusted with Swarovski crystals and gold studs: ‘ The screen was commissioned for the Unbridled Swarovski book and exhibition in Paris.’

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