Multidisciplinary design group, Rong, are based in Shanghai & undertake branding, packaging, architecture & interior design. See Blogroll for a link.



Corporate Design: Popup Book for Phenix /




Architecture, interior and landscape for Fengfan Farm’s exhibition and administrative buildings, which are located at the entrance to the farm. Through this landmark of the area, the clients hoped to attract people to the farm to see and understand the products and production process in person, and help convey Fengfan’s spirit and culture. Rong also did the branding and artwork /




Branding: Zi Yun Xuan Qing is a holiday resort for healthy living, themed on “the Way” and located at the Chinese resort famous for Taoism – Maoshan Mountain /



Packaging of fish: Fengfan Farm Products is a young brand with roots from Jintan, a traditional village possessing beautiful natural scenery and abundant agricultural resources. It is located in south China. This project won a Pentaward 2015 for packaging /

Rong branding & packaging





Packaging of wine: Amber yellow rice wine –  as the representative of the long history of Chinese wine culture, it can be traced six thousand years ago /




Branding: Pangu (Cement?) Pangu mine company has 30 years of history in China. Today, new generations have succeeded in the business. They want to inherit the philosophy and rich experience from the seniors, and at the same time be innovative and open. The goal of Pangu’s rebrand was to create a cohesive look that linked the two. This project won a RedDot Award 2015 /



Packaging: for Pin. Agricultural products carried in recyclable containers. Based on the concept of Chinese character “品”. The combination of three “口” symbolizes a family with three members, namely the concept of healthy family life which is of concern to the brand. The stacking of three “口” featuring collapsibility and stacking. The Chinese character “品” literally means “quality” which is the symbol of the brand’s commitment to development and innovation, and establishment of life quality /

The text has been taken from the Rong site with some modification for English fluency & brevity.

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