Newly formed stone finishes group, ALUSID: Two English academics are pushing boundaries in their development of alternatives to stone & aggregate stone. See Blogroll for a link.

ALUSID ‘is a new spin out company from the University of Central Lancashire. The company was born from a research project led by Professor David Binns and Dr Alasdair Bremner that was originally funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)’.  The ALUSID stone alternative, Silicastone is made by fusing glass & ceramics.  ALUSID use no resin binders, chemicals and zero waste, utilizing recycled aggregate, & offer flexibility of colour and appearance /

Alusid - 100% Design - KitchAnn Style


Bespoke Surfaces: include a variety of other mineral waste materials, potentially utilising waste from sites close to where you are building your project, or even taken from the footings of buildings /

Weave /

Strata /


Incline / All ALUSID products above /

The 6 images above are from the David Binns Ceramic site covering recycled aggregate product attained by Professor Binns at the University of Central Lancashire.

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