Research & digital crafting, producing objects & installations: Chilean design & architectural studio, gt2p (Great Things to People), Santiago. See Blogroll for a link.

All text within this post has been taken from the gt2p site /

Less CPP N2: Porcelain vs Lava is a series of wall lights and chandeliers with LED lighting /

Less N°1 Catenary Pottery Printer (& results below) /

Tests : Gauze: ‘This project gives us a new scope “More parametric, less digital”, allowing us to speak about parametric design without computers and digital fabrication laboratories which generates dialogues from academic contexts to communities of artisans.’ /

Vilu Light Collection ‘is part of the project The Space of our Objects: Why do objects? How are they involved in space? What do objects give us?’

Wall Cracked Shelf: ‘The abstract honeycomb is shaped by different kinds of convex tessellations, regular and non-regular (in this case regular hexagonal type 8) comprising of rectangular pieces of wood. Due to the folded steel hinges which connect the shelf, it can be combined freely in any direction, making it very versatile and usable in any space.’


Shhh:  the hope keeper: ‘This project reflects on the possibility of giving room for hope in our space through a mural where we can save our desires, secrets, plans, hiding written papers in the small cells that constitute it.’

Cracked Shelf: ‘It is shaped with different kinds of convex tessellations, regular and non-regular (in this case hexagonal) made by rectangular pieces of wood, which can be combined freely in any direction, always filling the surface through such combinatorial’

Suple Series: ‘Suple is a fixation system that allows joining elements with “several legs” into a single connector piece.’

Flat Hex ‘is is part of a research on the generation of inflated spaces, creating a new constructive system based on flat hexagonal panels that together describe double curvature surfaces. Its first application is the ceiling of the VIP showroom of Hyundai in Chile.’

Vibración Parronal:The project takes as its reference the rural environment of the Health Care Center and facts that their users experiment, particularly, the grapevine and the experience of being below it’

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