The homogeneity of black & white & a concentration on texture. The Butabu shots of African vernacular architecture by photographer, James Morris, UK. See Blogroll.

Photographs are from James Morris’ monograph: Butabu, about sub-Sahara African architecture. It was published by Princeton Architectural Press, 2003 & Electra, 2004. See James Morris’ link for more information /

Friday Mosque, Timbuktu, Mali

Mosque, Nando, Mali

Mosque, Nando, Mali

Mosque, Nando, Mali

Mosque, Nando, Mali

Street, Djenne, Mali

House, Djenne, Mali

Mosque, Bore, Mali

Mosque, Yebe, Mali

House, Koufitoukou, Togo

Woman's living quarters, Tangasoko, Burkina Faso

Hogon House, Ogel ley, Sanga, Mali

House, Fortal, Niger

Penticostal Protestant Church, Koufitoukou, Togo

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