The Sony World Photography Awards 2014 winners – Professional. A link to WPO is under Blogroll.


Spencer Murphy, United Kingdom – 1st place Campaign /

Viviana Peretti

Viviana Peretti, Italy – 1st Place Arts & Culture /

Sophie Gamand

Sophie Gamand, France – 1st Place Portraiture /

Ricardo Teles

Ricardo Teles, Brazil – 1st Place Travel /

Mario Wezel

Mario Wezel, Germany – 1st Place People /

Amanda Harman

Amanda Harman, United Kingdom – 1st Place Still Life /

Michael Nichols

Michael Nichols, USA – 1st Place, Nature & Wildlife /

Ludovic Maillard

Ludovic Maillard, France – 1st Place Architecture /

Salvatore Di Gregorio

Salvatore Di Gregorio, Italy – 1st Place Sport /


Thomas Brummett, USA – 1st Place Conceptual /

Sara Naomi Lewkowicz

L’iris d’Or | Photographer of the Year: Sara Naomi Lewkowicz, USA – Contemporary Issues /

Guy Martin

Guy Martin, United Kingdom – 1st Place Current Affairs /

Roei Greeenberg

Roei Greenberg, Israel – 1st Place Landscape /

Myriam Meloni

Myriam Meloni, Italy – 1st Place Lifestyle



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