German group, Architects Paper’s wallpapers of crystals, sand, slate powder, corroding patinas, magneticism & LEDs. See Blogroll for a link.

4070-47 - Crystal 140

Crystal Wallpapers: ‘a textile wall coating which is bejewelled with colour-coordinated rhinestones. Imprinted spangles add to the plays of light on the crystals’ /

4071-08 - Asian Canvas 100

4071-22 - Asian Canvas 120

Asian Canvas: ‘as a consequence of the woven-in metal threads, the wall coating reflects differently according to differing angles of vision or lighting sources’ /

Raumbild LED Wallpaper - 407719

Euroluce 2011 - Ingo Maurer - LED Wallpaper

LED Wallpaper: ‘Ingo Maurer by Architects Paper, the first wallpaper with integrated LED lamps’ /

Magboard: ‘is an invisible magnetic wall MagBoard is mounted on the unpanelled wall and can then be wallpapered over’ /

Raumbild - Magnetic mit AP 1000

Magnetic:  ‘the printing inks are mixed with metallic pigments. For this reason, pictures, plans and notes can be attached to the wall directly with magnets’ /

Iron and Gold

Iron & Gold wallpapers:  ‘over time, slight changes in colour occur due to the artificially induced oxidation process’ /

Kollektion Pure Rust - Artikel 403032

Pure Rust wallpaper: ‘the non-woven fabric of the wallpaper is metallized in several laborious steps and then refined by oxidation’ /

4033-22 - Patina

4032-30 - Patina

Patina:  ‘the sumptuous silver contrasts with the melancholy of the growing patina in the background’ /

Kollektion Stoneplex Beton - Artikel 400604

4006-35 - Stoneplex Concrete red

Stoneplex Concrete: ‘most of the reproduction product consists of natural stone, such as slate powder’ /



Stoneplex Sand wallpapers:  ‘Stoneplex sand is manually extracted from sediments’ /

4007-27 - Stoneplex Slate bronze

4007-58 - Stoneplex Slate silver

Stoneplex Slate: ‘most of the reproduction product consists of natural stone, such as slate powder’ /

4008-26 - Stoneplex Travertin beige

Stoneplex Travertin Wallpapers /

All text & images are taken from the Architects Paper website 

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