How we view light in urban spaces: Dario Casciani discusses light emanating from algae, LED lamps, passive & reflected light from metal & glass. See Blogroll for a link.

Images and some of the chapters on Daria Casciani’s website are here.  She is a Phd. student at the Politecnico di Milano doing research on the perception of light in public space or ELSE (Experience of Lighting (Total) Sustainability in the Urban Environment). /student doing a 

From her chapter on her website:  “Urban darkness: Reflections on metal pixels, mosaics and microsurfaces” /

From “Urban darkness: if concrete could lit (sic) the city” /

From “Lighting the Garden” /

From: “Urban darkness: materials glow in the nocturnal  cityscape” /

From: “Urban darkness: turning off light for more animated and human-scale strategies of lighting – Tillett Lighting Design Gans Studio , a jar of fireflies” /

From: “NITE, Nocturnal Illumination Throughout Europe” /

From: “Algae bio-powering light” /

From: “Urban darkness: materials can passively lit (sic) the city” /

From: “Urban darkness: micro-macro new elements of lighting the night” /

From: “Light and placemaking” /

From: “Light + Energy + Art: attractive, ecological, educational and participative proposals to change our model of society”