The ‘Visual Memories’ plywood sculpture collection by Israel Hadany, Jerusalem. ‘Each work refers to elements from past cultures and collective memories’*. See Blogroll for a link.

*The words of Israel Hadany in an interview by Ruthi Ofek, General Manager and Chief Curator, the Open Museums Tefen and Omer, Israel 2003 /

Tihamat, 1999, plywood /

Lavid, 1998, plywood /

Columbarium, 2000, plywood /

Chatzer, 2002, ceramics and plywood /

Knossos, 1999, plywood /

Namrut, 2003, plywood /

Buddha, 2002, plywood /

Caldera, 1998, plywood /

Nava Centrale, 2000, plywood /

These Are the Words, 2003, plywood painted with white chalk

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