The digital art & design studio, onformative, Berlin, is ‘guided by an emotional approach’. See Blogroll for a link.

All text has been taken from the onformative website /

Anima – iki from onformative on Vimeo.

‘»ANIMA« is a sculptural installation developed to explore the relationship between itself and its surroundings through the use of movement, texture, light and sound. The installation consists of a giant glowing sphere measuring two meters in diameter. This larger-than-life entity is suspended from the ceiling, as if in mid-air, in a darkened room. The luminescent sculpture acts as the sole light source for the space, drawing viewers in as it reacts to their presence. Visuals of a viscous metallic fluid envelop the globe’s surface.’

Collaboration with: Nick Verstand. Frouke ten Velden
Creative Direction: onformative
Design: Mick van Olst, João Fonseca
Code: João Fonseca
Audio development: Geert Schaap
Hardware Provider: Pufferfish
Support by: Marina Henao
Location & Support: LehrterSiebzehn
Collaboration with: Nick Verstand, Frouke ten Velden

Collide M

Collide – digital art installation from onformative on Vimeo.

Collide synaesthetic art installation 2016. ‘A site-specific installation commissioned by Dolby Laboratories in San Francisco, »Collide« is an exploration of the senses by transforming recorded motion data into abstract visuals and sound. By mixing, reversing and eliminating restrictions of time and space, a new vision of the human body and mind is discovered.’ /

Pathfinder – a visual language to generate choreography from onformative on Vimeo.

Pathfinder: ‘As a response to limitations in dance, »Pathfinder« aims to contribute to the creative process of choreography. Algorithms create a vast number of geometries morphing in a sequential and logical manner. »Pathfinder« inspires dancers to explore physical language to create any number of expressions and configurations. It is a generative tool to create visual inspirations for the conceptual research of physical movements.’

Collaboration with: Christian Loclair
Concept & Design: onformative
Code: Christian Loclair
Choreographic Consultancy: Raphael Hillebrand
Dancer: Honji Wang (Wang Ramirez)
Christine Joy Alpuerto Ritter (Akram Khan Company)
Partner: NODE Forum for Digital Arts, Motion Bank

NikeFuel Station from onformative on Vimeo.

‘A Microsoft Kinect hack allows consumers to immerse themselves in an installation that creates a 3D particle-mirror of their body and offers an innovative balance of digital interactivity with physical human experience. The Nike + FuelBand:  The Fuelband tracks the user’s daily activity, allowing them to analyze their data to train more effectively. In order to promote the product before it went on the market, we created the »NikeFuel Station« Installation at Boxpark together with AKQA London.’

Client: Nike
Commissioned by: AKQA
Production: Julia Laub
Art Direction: Cedric Kiefer
Code: Enrico Viola
Sound Design: Jens C. Fischer

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