In the footsteps of French illusionist & film director, Georges Méliès: some of the outstanding animation short films of students of the Ecole Georges Méliès in Paris. See Blogroll for a link.

Georges Méliès introduced many technical developments to cinema, including the use of special effects from as early as the 1890’s  /

Mastercat 2015 – Directors: Camille AUBÉ, Maud BISCAY, Geoffrey BOURRISSOUX, Margaux ROSIAU /

Image result for miel bleu video

Miel Bleu (Blue Honey), 2015 – Directors: Daphne DUROCHER, Constance JOLIFF, Fanny LHOTELLIER /

Les Liens de Sang (Blood Links) 2015 – Directors: Simon PANNETRAT, Marion LOUW, Thomas RICQUIER, Manon LAZZARI, Sophie KAVOURIDIS /


Last Drop (You Tube) – Promo 2011 – Directors: Thomas Dufour, Benjamin Weislo, Quentin Retif, Marc Antoine Cesari /


70’s Venice Beach 2015 –  Directors: Lucie PRIGENT, Vincent GALLUT,  Damiens DESCHAMPS

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