Carol Gay’s academic training & work with Fernando & Humberto Campana, as well as her Brazilian environment, has shaped her design approach. Her lamps, furniture & accessories are here. See Blogroll for a link.

Vaso GEMA – blown glass /

Poltrona Noar – painted or brushed stainless steel, recycled rubber tire industry /

Vase BALL shot-blasted – glass, stainless steel /

CaramBola vase 2016 – blown glass, copper, brass, marble /

CaramBola vase 2016 – blown glass /

High Chair BELT – seat belt, stainless steel /

Lamp Carambola – blown glass, LED, acrylic, copper, brass, marble /

Vase ROOTS – blown glass, copper /

Rack METRO – brushed stainless steel /

Lamp GEMA – blown glass, marble, LED lamp /

Rocking Chair NOAR – brushed stainless steel or painted, recycled rubber tire industry, rope /

Salad RULES – cast glass rulers /

Vase Mangrove -material: blown glass and copper /

Fan mirror METRO – acrylic mirror silver or gold, meters PVC, grosgrain ribbon

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