The earthy ceramic forms of Canadian, Steven Heinemann, are paradoxically thin walled, with an external fired powdered effect, with motifs delicately etched in, or with cracking created in the crust during production of the vessel. See Blogroll for a link.

aretherenottwelvehoursofdaylight, 2009

Aretherenottwelvehoursofdaylight /

Duenna, 2002

Duenna (detail)

Duenna /

Halflife, 2009

Halflife (detail)

Halflife /

Nebula, 2002

Nebula /

Untitled, 1980

Untitled /

Event Horizon, 2011

Event Horizon (detail)

Event Horizon /

Residuum, 2012

Residuum /

Alamogordo, 2003


Alamogordo /

Floral Apparition, 2000

Floral Apparition /

Untitled bowl, 1996

Untitled bowl, 1996 (detail)

Untitled Bowl /

Untitled, 1999

Untitled /

Splice, 2004

Splice /

Geologue, 2009

Geologue /

Untitled bowl, 1999

Untitled bowl /

Floralis, 2009

Floralis, 2009 (detail)


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