Paola Besana studied textiles around the world & under Jack Lenor Larson. She is now an educator & exhibitor of her work & lives in Milan. See Blogroll.

Modificazione da uno a quattro (Development from One to Four) / 1972 Interlaced golden cellophane /

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Positivo-Negativo (Positive-Negative) / 1963 Cotton, viscose, hemp fibers. Plain weave, with unwoven areas /

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 Tre entità (Three Entities) / 1988  6 Międzynarodowe Triennale Tkaniny, Łódź, Poland. Wool and aluminium /

Grande medusa (Large Jellyfish) / 1970 Polypropylene packing straps interlaced by hand /

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 Onde (Waves) / 1962 Cotton, cut paper, streamers. Plain weave, with wefts cut in shapes /

Paola Besana - design tessile. Tessuto a trame lanciate e dislocate con cavi elettrici.: Besana Design, Con Cavi, Electric Cables, Dislocate, Text Ile, Weaving

 Arazzo elettrico (Electric Wall-hanging) / 1991 / With Paola Bonfante and Lalla Ranza. Color-coded electric cables overshot with diagonal wefts /

Schermo C (Screen C) / 1976 Wool and aluminium Manual linking /

Piani (Plans) / 1986  Cotton and aluminum. Polypropylene packing straps Manual interlacing /

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Scherzo (Joke) / 1993 Linen and tricolor nylon ribbon. Plain weave in linen with complementary ribbon wefts creating patterns of jutting-out twists /

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 Collana opalescente (opal necklaceA, B, C (Opalescent necklace A, B, C) / 1970 /

Insegnamento – Teaching / 26 / textile facilities in strips semi-rigid (practical seminar) Intended for weavers and textile designers

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