Immersive multimedia environments: the art installations of Hania Farrell who was born in Lebanon & works in London. See Blogroll for a link.

Suspension of Reality installation  Beirut Art Fair 2015, Beirut Art Fair 2014, and Teal, London, 2013 /

N33° 54′ – E35° 28′ aportrayal of the sea in wintertime as been exhibited at Beirut Art Fair 2014 and Teal, London, 2013 /

Tree of Life A graphic abstraction of light, the image acts as an entrypoint to a state of peacefulness, a bridge between natural and oneiric space. Beirut Art Week 2015, Singapore Art Fair 2014, and Teal, London, 2013 /

Playful Reflection isolates and animates the images of several young divers’ bodies, creating an hypnotic loop, in which the lightheartedness and energy of children’s play is constantly regenerated. Playful Reflection has been exhibited in different site-specific adaptations at Beirut Art Fair 2015, Singapore Art Fair 2014.

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