Asher Dunn’s furniture & lighting, including his Architect’s Stool & Architect’s Cafe Table. His company Dunn Studio Furniture is in Rhode Island. See Blogroll for a link.

Sorenthia 2-Arm linear light fixture in Brushed Nickel by Studio DUNN

Studio DUNN's Sorenthia 2-Arm Light in Brushed Brass installed over a bedroom in a Brooklyn brownstone designed by Leone Design and photographed by Nick Glimenakis

Sorenthia 2-Arm Light /

Sorenthia Quad

Sorenthia Quad /

Newport Table

Newport Table /

Cumberland Pendant

Cumberland Pendant /

Barrington Chair /

Three Kingstown Stool in DUNN's Vintage White Weathered Grey and Seasoned Black toned finishes

Close up of the top of a Kingstown Stool by Studio DUNN in walnut

Kingstown Stool /

Bristol Console Table

Bristol Console Table /

Coventry Stool

Coventry Stool /

Architect's Stool by Studio DUNN with a white oak seat and blackened steel base with brass details on a white background

Architect's Stool

Architect's Stool with Back

Architect’s Stool /

Architect's Stool with Back by Studio DUNN shown with a walnut seat, chestnut leather back, and brass footrest on a white background

Architect’s Stool with Back /

Stillwater Club Chair

Stillwater Club Chair

Stillwater Club Chair /

Two custom-made Architect's Cafe Tables by Studio DUNN with handcrafted American hardwood tabletops and blackened steel bases with a blue wall in the background

An underside view of the Architect's Cafe Table and Stool by Studio DUNN showing the custom work of the steel bases

A close up of the beautiful grain in a White Oak Architect's Cafe Table, handcrafted by Studio DUNN.

Architect’s Cafe Table

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