The organic & fluid shapes of Daniele Papuli’s massed, cut-paper forms are the result of years of experiment. He lives in Milan. See Bogroll for a link.

The text has been taken from Daniele Papuli’s site /

Palazzo Ducale Martina Franca, 2014 /

2014 PNA, Piccola, Launch project, Design Museum London, collective exhibition /

Installation. ‘Suspension consisting of 500 cardboard. Constellation Snow:  Vergato fedrigoni (paper) 350 g. with cuts hand made. Volumes and spatial dispositions variables.’ /

Dance performance: ‘Pourquoi pas di Flux Laboratory Ginevra. Choreography: Alessia Sacco, Mirela Kolo, Dance: Alessia Sacco, Mohamed Toukabri’ /

Installation: Otti et Zippi. Dance performance /

Fondazione Calderara Exhibition 2010 /

‘CARTOdendrometrìa is the formation and classification of new morphological designs, meant for desks or stalls (stools), and built as ring-section lamellar volumes, inlaid with various types of polychrome lightweight papers chosen for their peculiar characteristics.’  /

‘Lamellar volumes consisting of reams of selected paper, silver leaf.’

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