KALO, U.A.E.: a studio founded by Ammar Kalo who studied in Digital Technologies & Material Systems. He researches new fabrication processes. Some of his work is here. See Blogroll for a link.

All text has been taken from the KALO site /

N-Bowls: ‘robotic fabrication… a robotic arm moves along a programmed path as it slowly stretches the metal locally, transforming flat sheets into three-dimensional shapes. For more information: Incremental Sheet Metal Forming).’ /

The Bug-Out-Bug (B.O.B.) ‘was born out of a design solution that aimed to hide and protect plants during a post-apocalyptic environmental disaster. Its overall geometry was designed to maximize several desires for the project including hiding in plain sight, harvesting sunlight and collecting water from the humid air. Project by Ammar Kalo & Michael Jake Newsum.  The prototype was fabricated using a process called Single Point Incremental Forming.  “Bug-Out Fabrication: A parallel investigation using the Namib Darkling Beetle as a biological model and incremental sheet metal forming as a fabrication method” in the proceedings of ACADIA 2014.’ /

POLYMORPHITES from Rkh Ch on Vimeo.

Polymorphites: Is a prototype that explores folding with doubly-curved surfaces using a material system called Pre-stressed Textile-Reinforced Composites. For more information please read paper titled:  “Post-forming Composite Morphologies: Materialization and design methods for inducing form through textile material behavior” in proceedings of ACADIA 2014.  Paper by Sean Ahlquist with Ali Askarinijad, Riz Chaaraoui, Ammar Kalo, Xiang Liu, and Kavan Shah. Research conducted in Materials Systems’ Practicum studio run by Prof.Sean Ahlquist at Taubman College. Video shot by Ammar Kalo and edited by Rizkallah Chaaraoui.’ /

‘[Fabric]ations is a series of resin stools that trap fabric arrangements within them to provide soft seating tops. The idea is up-cycle waste fabric into functional pieces of furniture.Commissioned by: Maraya Art Center, Exhibited at: ZERO, 1971 Gallery’ /

City of Nights: Detroit Illuminated:  “Instigated by observations of the darkness in Detroit, City of Nights is an investigation in the development of tools and representations for exposing alternative spaces formulated with light. The adjustment to our perception of space found within the presence of darkness demonstrates that space is not solely defined by its physical parameters. By looking at a city not through the usual material infrastructures, but rather with the immateriality of light and darkness, alternate readings in the volumes and occupation emerge. Project by: Karl Daubmann, Osman Kahn, Catie Newell, and Ammar Kalo. Funded by: Research Through Making 2014, Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning. “City of Nights: Detroit Illuminated” was funded by the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning Research Through Making Grant.’ /

TV Stand

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