Ong Cen Kuang’s lighting ‘fusing traditional craft & modern elements’. Trained at the Gray School of Art, Scotland, he works from Bali. See Blogroll for a link.



Daun pendant lamp /


Kelopak pendant lamp /


Kembang pendant lamp – Alur range /


Kembang table lamp – Alur range /


Labu Table lamp – Alur Collection /

Naive standing lamp range /

Witty standing lamp – Lipat range /

Image result for bulat pendant lamp

Image result for bulat pendant lamp

Ong Cen Kuang's lighting

Bulat pendant & standing lamp /

Mobile chandelier #lighting #lamps #chandelier #design #ongcenkuang

Mobile Chandelier, This work is about Symmetrical primary shaped infused with imperfect repetition thus creating a balance, light and harmonious mobile like unity. #chandelier #lighting #design #interior #ongcenkuang

Mobile Chandelier for Van Bunnik Residence /

Pohon standing lamp /

Interlocking vase small #vase #acrylic #design #modern #clear #ongcenkuang #lasercut #origami #symmetry

Interlocking vase #interior #origami #acrylic vase #minimalist #contemporary design

Experiments: Broken Symmetry Vessel / Interloking Vase

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