For Astrid Krogh, Denmark, ‘visual & sensual experiences of space, impact on whether we truly experience its qualities’. Her neon, fibre optic & aluminium art installations are here. See Blogroll.

The Annual Honorary grant of the National Bank of Denmark 2015: perforated & impregnated aluminium /

Kolding Kommune /

Teglverkets Skole, Oslo /

21C Museum Hotels, Ohio Cincinnati /

Kamelia Huset, Kolding DK Neon tapestry /

Cloud Illusions / Paris Longchamp, Paris: perforated & impregnated aluminium /

Layers of Colours and Light for Statens Konstråd, Sverige, Sweden / Malmø Högskola Architects & Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects /

Printemps Boulevard Haussmann, Paris, window display /

SWIRL a lamp element neon, aluminium /

Tapestries exhibition, Danish Museum of Decorative Art: ‘Blue’ Weaving in optical fibre /

weaving with brass and wast cables from bloomberg media house

weaving with brass and wast cables from bloomberg media house

Layers of Ambiguity: a project using a combination of Bloomberg and other salvaged, reclaimed or waste material. Layers of Ambiguity weaves 200 metres of stripped computer cabling /

Sky Galeria Maria Wettergren, Paris

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