Meury Architektur, Zurich: their glazed partition systems – including their WorkPods – installed 2006-2009 for client, Open Systems AG. See Blogroll for a link.

WorkPods,  Zürich:  ‘In this novel workplace concept, the comfort of each individual employee takes priority over the design of the existing rooms. The design of the individual work units is functionally and aesthetically so perfect and precise, that the surrounding space can be left in its raw state. This gives rise to a dialogue of contrasts with its own distinctive aesthetics. Each WorkPod is identical. The aluminium construction has walls of glass elements black-enamelled to half-way-up. By sliding open the two floor-to-ceiling doors and opening the ceiling element, this individual workplace can be transformed into a personal cubicle in an open-plan office. Murals by Spanish artist Fernando Elvira decorate the walls. Murals by Spanish artist Fernando Elvira decorate the walls.’  Murals by Spanish artist Fernando Elvira decorate the walls. /

MissionControl Zürich  Open Systems AG  Open Systems offers its customers worldwide a 24-hour network security service. Systems are monitored online in the specially installed Mission Control cubes at the headquarters in Zurich. The four workplaces in each cube are manned by qualified staff. Individual work cubicles, each with two large monitors, telephone headsets and the 5×5 metre wall projections support the specialists in their highly concentrated work. The ceilings in the existing building structure had to be breached to allow the oversized boxes to be installed. Visitors are given an insight in the work of Open Systems and are presented a striking visual image of this purely virtual work. /

OpenSystems Zürich: ‘The remodelling of the reception and customer floor at Open Systems is to be understood as a further development of the previously installed Mission Control cubes and the WorkPods. The underlying idea of retaining the existing industrial character of the leased premises and investing little in surfaces and existing infrastructures, is applied here too. Floors, ceilings and walls remain raw and unfinished, and the new elements of furnishing are installed precisely for various specific purposes. The large glass walls allow the visitor to look into the various work areas of the company like a kind of vivarium. All conference rooms and the staff cafeteria are glazed too, which lends them the desired literal and figurative transparency and openness.’

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