Re-imagining everyday objects & how they are made: Portuguese designer, Luís Nascimento’s collaborative creative process takes a different path. See Blogroll for a link.

The text here has been taken directly from Luis Nascimento’s site with small modifications for the sake of English fluency /

‘Roof (tiles) lamp: Roof tiles is a lamp inspired by Portuguese roofs. The metal sheet is bent and covered with Burel felt.’  /

Gradient rug:  challenging the hand tufted carpet process. Developed for Desistart. /

‘Filter table mirror (blue & gold filters). Filter is a table mirror inspired by the growing trend of manipulating pictures with photo apps for smartphones and tablets, when reality takes a step to the background and the more interesting changes are applied to the original image, the richer it gets.’ /

‘Pencil is a coffee table with a geometrical reference to the pencil. Available in black natural cork or with the lateral faces covered with white cork.’ /

‘The TemaHome (furniture sales company) production process is honeycomb sandwich construction. Honeycomb creates a link between the interior and exterior of the tabletop, recreating the shape of the alveoli contained inside the table top. All wooden product components consist (of) straight wooden-base panels made of engineered wood: chipboard, mdf, hardboard and honeycomb. Using a technology for direct printing on wood, it is possible develop any proposal on the surfaces of TemaHome products.’ /

‘Based on a classic video-game, PLAY (carpet) allows everyone their very personal combination resulting in vivid solutions to brighten unexpected places around the house.’ /

‘VENEER (coat hook) explores the waste wood veneer in the furniture industry. Special thanks for the support of EDP Fablab.’ /

‘Beach hut is a solution for roofing in fabric without any kind of fastening’


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