Young visual communicator & thinker, Joel Frear, UK. Language & emotion are key aspects to his work. See Blogroll for a link

All text has been taken from the Joel Frear site /

Photo published for joelfrear

Monotype: Branding a film viewing of Nicolas Winding Refn’s work, including audio reactive posters. Go to the following for full effect:  /

Order is My Religion:  Editorial spreads for Experimental Jetset radio interview. Using their ordered way of working to experiment with layout and image /

Experimental editorial book displaying my process for ‘The Uncanny’ process book /

‘These 17 primary glyphs can be combined together to create secondary and tertiary glyphs or split from one another depending on the requirements of the dance moves’ for Topographic Choreography’ – see more below /

Nutcracker Gif (Converted) from Joel Frear on Vimeo.

Typographic Choreography: ‘The choreographing system had been applied to two dances and then shown through moving image and two unique flip books’ – see Joel Frear’s site for flip book and more information

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