The Studio PINWU site covers From Yuhang & Made in Hangzou furnishings: deconstructing the traditional crafts of Hangzhou & applying them in contemporary design. 1 of 2 posts.

Text taken from the Studio PINWU site /

The “Shān” lamp is made of the same traditional paper as it is used by Chinese artists and painters, framed by solid wood /

‘Embodiment” develops the craft skills and techniques from traditional earthwork and conserves the details of an ancient Chinese window into a block of crystal resin’ /

From Yuhang design - Photo by PINWU.

From Yuhang design - Photo by PINWU.

Yun: ‘The pieces are made of Yuhang bamboo paper’ /

‘Being made of bamboo veneers, the Hangzhou Stool is a simple compact piece of furniture that takes the advantage of the special quality of the material’ /

Cloud: Rod metal frame covered with Indian silk /

‘Silkworm Room [light] A silkworm makes its home in almost the same fashion as it makes its cocoon’ /

Yì 忆_01.JPG

Luò 落_04.JPG

“The “Luò” lamp is based on inherited methods to create bamboo paper. But this process is transformed into the third dimension.”/

Breeze: ‘Designers use composite materials to harden the soft silk, and cut it in a streamline pattern. The lamp keeps the breezy feeling and can be easily assembled’ /

Fleka Table: ‘Understanding of “mud” was at the core of our inspiration and design process’  /

Gù2 Gu _03.jpg

Gù2 Gu _04.jpg

Gù2 Gu _05.jpg

‘The Gù2 chair is fashioned by combining beech wood and paper fibers’

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