Continuing with the products of Handmade in Hangzou & From Yuhang: their brilliant use of silk floss, bamboo, paper, mud. Post 2 of 2. See Blogroll for a link.

Text taken from the Studio PINWU site /

Silk Cabinet /

Ren bamboo seat /

Image result for pinwu design xuan lamp

Xuan: ‘Within this lamp the bamboo is changed into fine and smooth slices’ /

Yuhang Paper Umbrella /

‘Shine is a table ware collection, including a plate a bowl and a vase made from silk’ /

‘Pian the paper fan, a handicraft that has been largely abandoned, is combined with modern lighting, and brought into the home. 60 fans are strung together by a spring-like rattan to form a lamp’ /

Wu: ‘The concept is inspired by the Yuhang paper umbrella. A bambook frame is covered by rice paper’ /

Air: ‘An unconventional interpretation of traditional Chinese bamboo weaving’ /

Piao: ‘Gluing layers of paper is the way to make a traditional paper umbrella. Our paper seat is [made] using the same craft’ /

YINMaterials: ‘Mulberry silk Size: 40cmX60cmX60cm Silk is a very light and natural material. Traditional Chinese papermaking can be applied to make the lamp, exuding a misty, peaceful, zen-like feeling’

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