The Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition: one of the few competitions for architectural drawing: A selection of winners since 2010. See Blogroll for a link.

Yunus An, Istanbul Technical University, Student Digital/Mixed winner 2014/

Khoa Vu, AIAS, UC Berkley /

Sunkyu Koh, Junior Architect, Studio atProfessional, Digital/Mixed winner 2014 /

Zuzana Sojkova, University of Kent, Student Hand winner 2014 /

Castaneda Eduardo, Arlington- President UT Arlington, Student Digital/Mixed winner 2013 /

Dustin Wheat, University of Texas-Arlington, Professional Hand winner 2013 /

Changyeob Lee, Royal College of Art, Student Digital/Mixed winner 2013 /

KRob 2013 – Architectural Delineation Competition

Robert Gilson, RG_CC, Professional Digital/Mixed winner 2012 /

Andres Jaime - Best in Category Student Hand

Andres Jaime, Syracuse University, Student Hand winner 2012 /

Gary Schuberth, Professional Hand winner 2012 /

Michael Cincala - Juror Citation Student Hand

Michael Cincala, Virginia Tech, Student Hand winner 2012 /

Maj PLEMENITAS - Juror Citation Professional Digital Mixed

Maj Plemenitas, Maj Plemenitas-Linkscale, Professional Digital/Mixed winner 2012 /

Kevin Hirth, Harvard GSD, Student Digital/Mixed winner 2011 /

KRob 2012: The 38th Annual Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation ...

Brent Lobstein,  JHP/University of Texas, Arlington, Student Digital/Mixed winner 2011 /

Craig Williams, Becker Morgan Group Inc., Professional Digital/Mixed winner 2011 /

Pascal Bronner, Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, London, International – Student Digital/Mixed winner 2010 /

Joshua Moratto, Southern California Institute of Architecture, Student Digital/Mixed winner 2010

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