London-based, Gareth Neal’s rectilinear timber furniture & his timber vessels made in collaboration with Zaha Hadid. See Blogroll for a link.

Anne 2007 1

Chair Front + Turned x2

Anne Table & Chair ‘rectilinear American Walnut side table, is the ghost of its past, a 1730 Queen Anne side table’ /

2013-05-01 Gareth_Neal_MG_2844

2013-05-01 Gareth_Neal_MG_2843

2013-05-01 Gareth_Neal_MG_2853

Three Draw George English Ash: ‘the ghost of its past, a 1780’s George III commode’ /




Willow Chair: willow, ash /


The Brodgar Chair & Bench: ‘What is a Modern Craftsman to me?’

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