John Whitmarsh, San Francisco, salvages found objects to use for casting tiles & art pieces or reforming into art. Selecting from his work. See Blogroll for a link.

Unglazed ceramic art piece /

Ceramic end grain tiles /

Clay tiles ‘cast from the tops of roadside guardrail posts, this ceramic mosaic showcases the texturing of old wood grain’ /

‘Ceramic tiles cast from old utility poles. Color variations were achieved by using different clay bodies and back painting the insides of the plaster molds with colored underglazes’ /

Charred wood backdrop /

Router cut pattern on timber /

Wall art ‘of woven with steel banding material, used in the lumber industry to strap bundles of 2×4’s together’ /

Art piece ‘sculpted in clay with bare fingers, molded in rubber, and finally cast in pigmented plaster’

Some of John Whitmarsh’s tiles are available through Cle (tiles) San Francisco

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