Cameron Robbin exploits the variation & similitude of nature’s activity through art. His wind drawings & water flow experiments are here. He is based in Melbourne. See Blogroll for a link.

Structure of Vortices:  energy flow through a whirlpool or vortex. In a transparent cylindrical tank, fresh water rotates into a whirlpool at different speeds. When ink is introduced, all kinds of forms can be seen /

Wind Section - Instrumental/Sonic Wind Section in situ.

Wind Section – Instrumental / Sonic Wind Section  Wind–powered mechanical instrument able to produce large ink drawings on paper /

Mount Maurice 92 by Cameron Robbins

Wind Drawings: The Wind Drawing Machines are installed in different locations to receive weather energy and translate it into an abstract format of ink drawings on paper /


bass bubble chamber detail

Gauge is a sound and visual art project based on the idea of the earth’s hydrological (water) cycle.  A discussion between five artists, a climate scientist and a computer scientist, ‘Gauge’ took the form of a series of discussions, resulting in a showing of exploratory installations at ‘Arts House’, Melbourne Australia in December 2011.

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