Vegetable imprinted vessels, coffee capsule batteries, mashrabiya constructed tables, drawing clocks: the work of Mischer Traxler Studio based in Vienna. See Blogroll for a link.

All text is taken from the Mischer Traxler site. detail cauliflower

Reversed Volumes: A collection of bowls that are shaped by capturing the imprint of a fruit/vegetable /

97 metre veneer baskets: With a specially constructed machine, an estimated 97 metre long oak-veneer-strip is slowly glued and coiled up around a wooden base to form a basket /

detail limited moths

zoom into limited moths lamp

Limited Moths: A rare Austrian moth species is portrait in copper. As a huge swarm, the moths are flying towards a light bulb /

view of the whole table

Gradient Mashrabiya: Commissioned by Carwan Gallery, mischer’traxler teamed up with an expert woodworker in Lebanon to redefine the constructive system of the traditional mashrabiyas /

the idea of a tree - benches - green

two the idea of a tree lamps

two the idea of a tree lamps

recorder one - machine

The machine ‘Recorder One’ starts producing when the sun rises and stops when the sun settles down. After sunset, the finished object can be ‘harvested’.
It slowly grows the object, by pulling threads through a colouring device, a glue basin and finally winding them around a mould /

the idea of a tree - sideboard

the idea of a tree -rocking bench

The idea of a tree – objects: A production process which uses the natural input of the sun with a mechanical process. This creates unique objects that represent the sun’s intensity of the day and place of production /

detail of the clock's hand

'drawing time' is a clock that draws the passage of time

one finished drawn day showing an hour- and a minute - 'flower'

detail of the drawing element

Drawing Time: A clock that tells the time and by doing so draws spirographical circles on the wall /

one minute

measuring drawing

all battery components

Nespresso Battery: A coffee battery instead of a soil battery, using aluminium Nespresso Capsules, a salt water battery & copper strips

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