The form & function of plywood: the kit furniture & product of designer & illustrator, Lesha Galkin, St. Petersburgh. See Blogroll for a link.

​Shkatulka is Russian for a casket. Caskets with a ‘secret’, special opening mechanism, were very popular in Russia from ancient times and were used for keeping valuables and important items /

Falcon Design Factory PYE (Pimp Your Eyes Store)  ‘Minimalistic, compact, and at the same time functional interior,  is almost completely made of a single material: plywood’ /

Mural by Egor Kraft /

APTEK Bar furniture & interior, St-Petersburg, Russia  /

Nenuphar adjustable shelving /

Modular Shelving /

Vool Wooden Laptop stand /

Simple shapes” project for “art paradе” exhibition. St.-Petersburg /

Illustration for Kixbox store

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