Interdiscplinary artist, Jasmine Targett’s visual & conceptual investigation of ‘blind spots’ in nature. Raised in N.Y., she now lives in Melbourne. A link is under Blogroll.

Described on her site as ‘a techno-romanticist, Jasmine reinterprets traditional craft materials and techniques working with new technologies to find innovative ways to respond to how climate science has changed the way nature is perceived and understood. Working with devices that magnify the natural world her work offers an expanded gaze into perception, making the void between existence and nature tangible. /

Jasmine Targett - Blindspot 6

Jasmine Targett - Blindspot 8

Jasmine Targett - Blindspot 9

Jasmine Targett - Blindspot 10

Blind Spot: Perspex with Steel Mirror – ‘Blind Spot maps the 20th century tipping point of awareness surrounding environmental concerns – the discovery of the Ozone Hole’ /

Jasmine Targett - What the eyes do not see

Jasmine Targett - What the eyes do not see - Detail

What the eyes do not see: Telescopes & hand blown glass – “At night when I look through my telescope I often wonder could there be another person with a telescope looking back at me?” /

Jasmine Targett - Life Support Systems- Forecast

Jasmine Targett- Life Support Systems Series.

Life Support Systems: Glass & Perspex – ‘Life Support Systems uses NASA’s space suit helmet glass to create a series of three atmospheric weather maps charting shifting weather conditions in the atmosphere over Antarctica that have global implications’ /

Jasmine Targett - Cell Study

Jasmine Targett - Cell Study - Detail

Cell Study: Glass – ‘Cell Study meditates on the aesthetics of the many levels of visibility within the microscopic’ /

Jasmine Targett - Crumbling Ecology - Detail 3

Jasmine Targett - Crumbling Ecology - Detail 1

Jasmine Targett - Crumbling Ecology - Detail 4

Jasmine Targett - Crumbling Ecology Installed 5

Crumbling Ecology: Porcelain – ‘Crumbling Ecologyis a large ephemeral installation made from over 35,000 hand made porcelain geraniums’ /

Jasmine Targett - Atmosphere Detail 11

Jasmine Targett - Atmosphere Detail 5

Jasmine Targett - Atmosphere Detail 2

Jasmine Targett - Atmosphere Detail 3

Atmosphere: and your troubles, like bubbles will disappear: Glass – ‘discusses the alarming number of toxic gases ‘bubbling up’ in the Earth’s atmosphere. The work examines the fragility of the Earth’s atmosphere that in the current ecological climate appears constantly on the verge of collapse/

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