Translucent concrete has moved on from it’s humble beginnings. LiTraCon & Luccon are major manufacturers.

Besides allowing light transmittance, translucent concrete has similar strength, consistency and resistance as regular concrete /

3 shots above: Italian pavilion at the 2010 World Expo, Shanghai by Marcello Silvestre Francesco Iodice and Giuseppe Iodice, Giampaolo Imbrighi, Teresa Crescenzi, Antonello De Bonis, and Cosimo Dominelli  /

New Headquarter of Bank of Georgia, Tbilisi / by LUCEM LIGHTBETON

Bank of Georgia Architects: Architectural Group & Partners, Tbilisi – using LUCEM panels /

Prenzlauer Berg development, Berlin by Wolf Architekten using LUCEM /

Cella Septichora Visitors Centre in Pécs, Hungary, by Bachmann & Bachmann Architects /

translucent concrete smoking pavillion 21 website

Garden Pavilion

Garden Pavilion, Zurich by Gianni Botsford Architects using LitraCon /

Translucent concrete

For a run down on light emitting concrete see the article: Translucent Concrete: An Emerging Material by Sara McGillivray in Illumin March 4, 2014. (online magazine) University of Southern California

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