Cutlery in all it’s variety. Selecting what appeals.


Moon from Cutipol, Portugal. /

Pott 86 - Sterling Silver 20pc Set

Pott 86 designed by Josef Hoffmann. From Shophome /

 Brass cutlery by Japanese designer Oji Masanori. /

Tetsu covered: Stainless steel cutlery from Caravane, France /

Hand forged from Caravane. /

Chocolate Cutlery from Zara Home, UK.   /

Engraved cutlery from Zara Home, UK.‎  /

Damask cutlery,  Zara Home. /

Image result for Antonio Citterio cutlery

Antonio Citterio created a brushed stainless cutlery line for Iittala /

John Pawson for When Objects Work. /

Jezler’s Centenaire range.. no longer on their website /


Richard Lauret’s designs from Lauret Studio, France /

cozen2 Co Zen urushi cutlery for little hands

Co Zen cutlery

Co-Zen Urushi cutlery for little hands.

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