Stimulating the senses: is what Irish furniture designer, Joseph Walsh, aspires to & succeeds in his work. See Blogroll for a link.


Enignum Canopy Bed VI – Olive Ash /

Image result for Enignum V Chair

Enignum V Chair /

Enignum I Dining Table

Enignum I Dining Table /


Enignum IV Copper Chair – Olive Ash, Copper /

Enignum III Chair

Enignum III Chair /

Enignum two seater

Enignum Two Seater – Olive Ash, Suede /

Enignum Shelf

Enignum Shelf  /

Image result for Enignum Pair joseph walsh

Enignum Pair – Olive Ash, Suede /


Prism Cabinet – Ash, French Walnut, Glass /

Prism Round Dining Table – Sycamore, Glass /

Erosion I Low Table
Erosion I Low Table /

Equinox Wall

Equinox Wall

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