Claudia Terstappen’s background as artist & academic is impressive. Currently at Monash University, Melbourne, some of her photographic work is here. See Blogroll for a link.

Terstappen_C_2  copy copy.jpg

feuer_nt_2_07 copy.jpg

Terstappen_C_4  copy.JPG

fire5NT03 copy.jpg

Terstappen_C_5  copy.JPG

Terstappen’s ‘Fire’ series ‘relates to important cultural, spiritual and natural features of Australia. The work deals with shared experiences and expectations, and tries to reflect their associated fears and values.‘ My own response, as someone who has lived in a fire-prone State, is one of ‘associated fears’, though there is no doubting the fascination & beauty of fire. Here, without the emotional context of the damage fire can do, Terstappen’s shots remind me that the camera is a tool or blank interface  between the photographed scene and the viewer’s (my) ‘values’ & ‘expectations’ /

La Vieja 3.jpg

From her ‘Mountains’ series /

black beach.jpg



64b Terstappen Kopie.jpg

From her ‘Landscapes’ series /


Her ‘Dark Nights’ series ‘looks at Australian nature as staged and theatrical, referencing the distance that has developed between the natural environment and ourselves.’


Terstappen_C_insectsjpg copy.jpg

Birds .jpg

From her ‘Animals’ series /

IMG_2114 copy.jpg


‘Places of Worship’ series.

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