Nick Taylor is immersed in motion design, generative design & visual effects, & is currently working at Future Deluxe, London. See Blogroll for a link.

All text taken from Nick Taylor’s site /




Betfair – Game within the Game. Directors Cut. from FutureDeluxe on Vimeo.

Betfair – the game within the game – working with Saatchi and Saatchi Australia – CG based film that visualised technical data & statistics throughout multiple sports. Created at Future Deluxe. Character FX & Simulations, design, lighting & rendering /the



Chromaflow  Generative paintings. A seeded system creating endless variation in form, colour and compositionCreated at Future Deluxe Role: Creative Coding




Inc Magazinedata visualisations to illustrate the emerging global tech start up scene and how technology enables these hubs to grow  Creative Coding Created at Future Deluxe

Reactive Particle System from Nick Taylor on Vimeo.




Colour on Colour  – experimental work where video footage is used to drive intricate particle simulations. Live action footage – Davy Evans /

Intel Experiments from FutureDeluxe on Vimeo.

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