Experimental Creations’ innovative materials are developed by 6 Japanese designers – rusted metal & resin, knitted porcelain, washi paper with vegetable resin, wax, rice & sawdust. See Blogroll for a link.

Rust & Basis Metal / Rust Collecting by  Studio Yumakano / Yuma Kano. Iron, brass, copper, cutting sheet & acrylic resin. Process: Controlled the rusting of metallic material using rust preventive paint & cutting sheet. By applying acrylic resin on the surface of the rusted metal material & peeling off only the acrylic resin, the rust is transferred onto the acrylic resin /

Concreatone Tile by Kazuhiko Hayakawa: hexagonal shaped tiles with patterns. Concrete with pigments /

The Light – Washi D0 by Kaori Akiyama / Studio Bycolor: Washi & woven fabric /

Caloth /

Concretone /

Optical Fiber Block /

Utsushiwa by Rvosuke Fukusada: Ceramic. Process: Created reverse molds by pouring in plaster into wooden frames with objects such as styrene foam, bubble wrap & biscuits placed individually at the bottom /

Weaving Porcelain: applied a soaking method used to produce porcelain Seto, Japan for over 100 years /

Green Solid Collection by Amam / Kosuke Araki, Noriaki Maetani, Akira Muraoka:  pine-resin, vegetable wax, rice, sawdust & Japanese Washi paper /

Metabolizing cement /dressing cement by Tsukaso Goto: cement & materials including flowers,, seeds, fruit peel, leaves, cotton, paper, etc

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