Dutch jeweller, Beppe Kessler, extends her techniques in metal, over to painting of acrylic or graphite on metals. See Blogroll for a link.

lijnen I: colorpencil on aluminium /

muurtekening: graphite on acryl, threads /

lijnen II: coloured pencil on brass /

no title: acrylic on aluminium /

stroomlijnen: acrylic on aluminium, sand /

lijnen II: colorpencil on brass /

ode aan Mankes: acrylic on aluminium /

lijnen III: colorpencil on aluminium /

no title: acrylic on aluminium /

no title: acrylic on aluminium /

lijnen I: coloured pencil on copper /

off white & hel geel: acrylic on linnen, nylon /

lijnen IV: colorpencil on aluminium /

stroom: acrylic on brass /

firework: burnt balsa wood /

stroomlijnen: graphite on acryl, wood, light green linnen /

remains VI: acrylic on aluminium

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