Petr Mikošek & Michaela Vrátníková of BOAdesign are cross-disciplinary designers in Prague. Their lighting, glassware, bags & flower stands are here. See Blogroll for a link.

All text has been taken form the BOAdesign site /





Rings pendant:  created with five slightly conical & interlocking glass bands, which when collapsed look like a set of five concentric circles. Designed for Preciosa Lighting /

Reed - set stolních a závěsných lamp

Reed light collection: inspired by the simple shape of reeds. A coloured textile cable leads through the clear thin glass rod ‘stem’ of borosilicate glass to a wider section which is reminiscent of the ‘head’ of the reed /



The Heart wine and whisky glasses set was designed for the Srdcerváčí project, which is involved in creating new jobs for people with disabilities. The silhouette of the glasses closely copies the shape of a heart, which is the symbol of the whole project /




Neoline: a neon chandeliers designed especially for hotel and restaurant interiors, spaces typically large enough to allow the unconventional minimalistic design of these chandeliers to excel. /





Flame: The entire bag collection is created from special material, two metal sheets connected with a layer of polymer. This material is also lightweight & in that way it ensures perfect protection against any type of damage /

Crystal Light: The Crystal light collection is an assortment of hanging, table & standing lamps, which are designed according to pure geometrical shapes. Material is made from two metal sheets connected together by a thin layer of polymer /



Interior flower stands:  This collection of interior flower stands has been designed as an additional offering for the company Plastia s.r.o

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