Turkish-born industrial designer,Tamer Nakisci’s cross-disciplinary design of product, art installations, signage & more. See Blogroll for a link.


Mist for NUDE

Mist glass containers /

Mirage, Installation; glass, candlelight. March 2016. Design Harbour, Presented During Art Basel Hong Kong 2016 /

Gateway installation /


Futureisblank Tableware /

Shade, for Carwan Gallery “CONTEMPORARY PERSPECTIVES IN MIDDLE EASTERN CRAFTS”: Hand crafted wool & silk.  produced in Turkey 2012 /

MUBI, Door Sign Client: MUBI: Soho, London. Hand crafted in Istanbul /

Jotun Party September 2014. Client: Jotun. Production: / N A K I S C I Event Management & Design: Cpm Istanbul — at Beykoz Kundura Fabrikası /

Intersection installation. Client: Istanbul Design Week. Production: / NAKISCI /

Cube and Dot Bathroom Collection. Client: KALE /

Nokia 888

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