Chiara Andreatti’s accomplished industrial design includes furniture, tiles, glass product (& clothing & retail design, not shown here). She works from Milan. See Blogroll for a link.

All text has been taken from Chiara Andreatti’s site /

Twinkle glass coffee table for Glas Italia /

Waikiki Tiles for Bottega Nove /

Flora Tiles for Bottega Nove: The effect is obtained thanks to the coating in refractory clay. Its decorations & fans remind us of a fossil nature come to new life by means of colourful crystallines & satinized glazes that emphasize its three-dimensionality /

Satin collection for Mingardo: Matt or varnished iron soul for this little table collection, covered by handmade brass & copper sheet /

Laguna & Novissa Ceramic Tableweare for Portego: Laguna collection represents the wild flora that lives in the water around Venice. From the artistic ceramic district of Nove Vicentino, Laguna is made with local Brenta river’s earthenware of fine pottery. Decorated by silkscreen decal of micro and macro traditional etching print algae & handpaint decoration added.

From the ceramic district of Nove Vicentino, Novissa is made with local Brenta river’s earthenware of fine pottery. Decorated by silkscreen decal of the etching print of the traditional Serenissimaladies and handpaint decoration added /

Wallpaper Collection for Texturae /

To Be Wrong Family: Produced by Reflex. The collection of tables (coffee table, desks & console) is made with painted glass 10 mm deep /

Plié lamps: for CovoA series of lanterns with metal white painted structure & covering in pleated fabric (fireproof polyester treated with H2O resin) /

Tartan glasses – Edizione Basile Arteco 2013: Collection of glass tableware from a real ‘fusion’ between the craftsmanship of the blown glass & industrial precision of metal photoengraving.

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