Portego, Italy, is a collection of designers developing accessories, furniture, rugs, tiles & other pieces. See Blogroll for a link.

Selfportrait mirror designed by Ilaria Innocenti & Giorgio Laboratore. The items inspired by the fan proposes the mirror as a feminine accessory symbol of luxury and beauty /

Miniportrait designed by Ilaria Innocenti & Giorgio Laboratore. A line of two boxes follow the inspiration of Selfportrait mirror, reproducing the plisse of oriental fans /

Genesini hooks designed by Davide G. Aquini. A collection of hooks celebrates the Venetian tradition of wood inlays /

Oro Bianco containers – polished light golden steel and traverttine marble, in raw finishing or plastered in blue /

Tarsine portego designed by Serena Confalonieri: A wall covering composed of modular maple panels, each of which with an inlaid decoration in burnished oak which runs along entire surface /

Bronzino hooks designed by Alessandro Zambell. A series of small bronze accessories /

Bigoli designed by Ilaria Innocenti & Giorio Laboratore – solid maple wood /

OCI designed by Seraina Lareida. Oci rugs are made in New Zealand wool mixing different technics and yarns length to give a different feeling walking on.

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