Korean industrial designer, Seung Jun Jeong, runs JAY Design. Some of his furniture, including his award-winning Chieut table, is here. He lives in Turin. See Blogroll for a link.

Table Chieut ver.2: cherry wood, parts lacquered /

JAY’s Chair – stainless steel frame, canvas fabric covered /

JAY’s Chair No.2 – wood frame /

JAY’s Set – wood, stainless steel:  Light- Floral, Table- Kyung Sang, Chair- Namuh /

Sang Table – 2 in one /

Image result for Nuvola isola lamp

Nuvola Isola Lamp by Jeong Seung Jun & glass artist, Yoowan Yang /

Table Chiuet: steel pipe, steel sheet. Golden A’ Design Award Winner 2016 for Furniture, Decorative Items & Homeware Design

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