The practice, FAHR 021.3, shows in their installations, how ‘architecture is a branch of art & action in space.’ They are based in Porto, Portugal. See Blogroll for a link.

All text has been taken from the FAHR 021.3 site /

Metamorfose: The ruin, part of the history of the city, is now an area of intervention &, first and foremost, of imagination. It creates a new scenery in Porto and dignifies a space that was once destitute. /

An exhibition design by FAHR 021.3, designed to tell the story of innovation in Oporto. The modular structure is composed of tubular metallic profiles painted gray & green joints. This structure supports the opaque tensioned fabric (for the definition of spaces), its own LED illumination and diffused lighting of the space. /

Eclipse: installed for the 20th anniversary of the classification of the Historic Centre of Porto as a Unesco World Heritage Site. The object faces the surroundings in an attitude of rupture & daring, a sphere 6m in diameter that invades the wide & gives it a new centrality. Constructed only with ventilation ducts – Spiro type. /

Serious House project, San Vitto, a city in southern Italy:  an intervention in a forgotten ruin. It is the conversion of degradation and emptiness in a scenic outdoor space /

Varandas: function_ Facade, _location_ Porto, Portugal, _design team_ Hugo Reis, Filipa Frois Almeida, Pedro Castro Silva, _project date_ July 2014, _client/event_ Sonae Sierra, _materials_ mdf

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