Spanish artist, Daniel Canogar, reinvents existing technology to explore lighting in his art installations. See Blogroll for a link.

All text has been taken from Daniel Canogar’s site /

Xylem from Daniel Canogar on Vimeo.

‘Xylem features a generative animation created with real-time data from 383 global financial indexes. The incessant flow of financial information is a true vital energy that moves the world’s economy. The vertical movement of the animation faithfully reflects rising or dropping prices of daily trading quotes updated every 10 seconds’ /

Ripple / ARCO 2017 from Daniel Canogar on Vimeo.

Ripple El Pais: ‘Ripple evokes the daily news cycle. What we see is a projection with video content from the El Pais’ webpage. An algorithm randomly combines more than 500 videos that are part of recent visual history. Each video leaves a trail that covers the trail of previous videos that have slid down the screen’ /

Foto: Jorge Mirón

Foto: Jorge Mirón

Foto: Jorge Mirón

Echo / Daniel Canogar from Daniel Canogar on Vimeo.

Echo: ‘The artist has observed a substantial change in our relationship with screens. From small wrist devices that monitor our biorhythms to monumental LED billboards that wrap around buildings, we are surrounded by their flickering and bright surfaces. Screens are acquiring a new materiality, a membrane quality that extends over multiple surfaces, objects and buildings. The “Echo” series responds to this new concept of screen-skin’

Asalto Small

Asalto Small, 2016 from Daniel Canogar on Vimeo.

Asalto: ‘Since 2009, I have been creating public projects and interventions that recognize the human gesture of crawling as a powerful symbol of overcoming imposed obstacles in one’s life.  Asalto Small, is a projection that is based on approximately 1200 recordings of people crawling in public through New York’s famed midtown crossing, my largest participatory public project to date’ /

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