Skälsö Arkitekter’s resiliant livable spaces, converted from – or inspired by – military building remains. They are based in Sweden. See Blogroll for a link.

All text has been taken from the Skälsö Arkitekter site /

SV12 3

SV12 14

SV12 4

SV12 10

SV12 7

Savannen 12 Vacation & Bunker transformation of Bungenäs, completed in 2016. ‘On Bungenäs plateau with ocean and open spaces in the spotlight is Bunker 18th. The project consists of two parts: the transformation of the existing bunker and partly supplement, a detached extension of corténstål. Wire sawing, reuse btg-blocks, end unit and courtyards with summer functions.’/

BB 300 1

BB 300 7

BB 300 11

BB 300 13

BB 300 16

Bunker 300 Private residence on Bungenäs, completed by summer 2016. ‘On the property are the remains of a partially covered antiaircraft gun in the concrete bunker 300th. Windows and doors in pine heartwood from Ammor joinery and wrought iron work and precast concrete from local partners.’ /

6-7 1






Udden 6-7 Private residence on Bungenäs, construction period 2012-2016. ‘The houses are built in situ brädformad concrete. The design is inspired by the location, the historic military remains found in its context.’ /

104 1

104 12

13_5 Int.B.EHRS

104 19

104 21

Building 104 Appropriation (2012-2016) of building 104, originally built in 1937. ‘Served as coastal artillery for the Swedish Armed Forces (Battery Bungenäs) up to October 2000 when the Bofors m / 51B liquidated and Construction 104 sealed.’

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