The movement & poise of Heike Brachlow’s balancing cast glass forms. Born in Munich, she discovered glass in New Zealand & now works from the UK. See Blogroll for a link.

Image result for heike brachlow pendulum

Pendulum III. 2010. kinetic. polychromatic cast glass /

On Reflection IV

On Reflection IV. 2009. cast glass /

On Reflection III

On Reflection IV. 2009. cast glass /

Synthesis V

Synthesis V. Synthesis Series. 2013. cast glass. 2 elements /

Trilith XI

Trilith XI. Synthesis Series. 2013. cast glass /

Antumbra. 2015. Cast glass /

Imago. 2015. Cast glass /


Infinity. 2015. Polychromatic cast glass /


Residency at the Museum of Glass, Tacoma 2014 /

Waiting VI

Waiting VI

Waiting VI. 2008. cast glass /

Waiting XI

Waiting XI. 2008. cast glass /


Theme and Variations XXXIV. 2012. cast glass /

Theme XXX

Theme and Variations XXX. 2012. cast glass /


World Wide Web (WWW). 2014. Blown glass, yarn /


Web: 2015. Blown glass, yarn

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