In the hands of Petra Blaisse, curtaining becomes an architectural element. Her group ‘Inside Outside’ in London, works with architects, interior designers & landscape designers. See Blogroll for a link.

Maison à Bordeaux, France. Re-designing the curtains. Petra Blaisse with Peter Niessen, Barbara Pais & Francesca Sartori /

Sittard, the Netherlands Rabobank Sittard Auditorium. Curtains. Client: Rabobank Westelijke Mijnstreek
Architect: Mecanoo /

Wings, Zürich, Switzerland. Exhibition space reconfiguration. 2016. Client: ETH Zurich, Department of Architecture, Institute gta /

Casa da Música in Porto, Portugal. Acoustic, blackout & view filtering curtains, sun-screens; advisory for interior & exterior finishes. Architect: OMA, Rotterdam. 1999-2004 /

Hackney Empire Theatre (London). Stage curtain, blackout, space-defining & acoustic curtains. Team Inside Outside: Petra Blaisse with Anky Andriaanse Lieuwe Conradie, Simao Ferreira, Marieke van den Heuvel, Mathias Lehner & Peter Niessen /

Re-Set La Biennale di Venezia 2012 /

Library Foundation Seattle. Carpet design. Architect: OMA, New York with LMN Architects, Seattle

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